Assessment of Heavy Metals Concentration in Soil and Plants from Baia Mare Area, NW Romania

Alina DONICI, Claudiu Ioan BUNEA, Anamaria CĂLUGĂR, Eugenia HARSAN, Ionut RACZ, Florin Dumitru BORA


The results showed diverse patterns of Pb, Cd, Zn, Co, Cu, Ni, Mn, Cr and Sn, in case of Pb in all areas exceeded the M.L.A (average 32.59 mg/kg while M.L.A. = 20 mg/kg), other elements shows high concentration that exceed the M.L.A. for Ferneziu and Săsar area. In the case of plant material also records exceedances of the M.L.A for Ferneziu and Săsar area, but in the Dura area there were no overtaking of M.L.A.


contaminated soil; soil pollution; heavy metals

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