Control and Management of the Pine Weevil Hylobius abietis L.



The pine weevil, Hylobius abietis L., is a pest of economic importance causing massive damage to conifer seedlings planted on reforestation sites. The lack of effective methods to prevent establishment of H. abietis in newly-harvested sites makes it a threat to European forests. The biology and ecology of the pine weevil have been intensely studied through the years. However, in light of current and future climate change much of the knowledge gathered thus far may need to be re-evaluated under these new conditions. Changes in temperature and other climatic variables may strongly change, for example, the development of the weevil and its distribution. Such changes may result in higher population numbers and increase the feeding pressure on newly planted seedlings, thus making it a novel pest in certain areas or increasing its pest status in others. There is a need to synthesize our current understanding on the biology, behavior and methods of damage control by the pine weevil H. abietis, in order to identify knowledge gaps and propose new management practices. In this review, we present such an overview and provide several examples on how this knowledge could be expanded or used to meet future challenges.

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