Preliminary Studies Regarding the Selection of Species and Types of Pot and Container for Vegetable Growing

Mirabela GACHE (LUNGU), Neculai MUNTEANU, Vasile STOLERU, Gabriel TELIBAN, Carmen CABA (INCULEŢ)


The purpose of the research reported in this paper was to evaluate the possibility of growing vegetable plants in pots and containers by optimizing the choice of species and cultivars and the type of pot or container based on the information available in the literature and on the basis of our own experience. Taking into account the purpose and objectives of this paper, the study is structured to respond to each  bjective considered. Information on crops in pot and containers shows that if the climatic conditions necessary for growth and development are
optimal, basically any vegetable species can be grown in this system (Purnell, 2007). Concerning the pots in which vegetable plants can be grown, they are diverse and may be chosen specifically for this type of culture or can be assigned to provide the space necessary for plant growth for different species.


crop; containers; pots; vegetable species

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