Creating the Cartographic Database and Informatization of the Systematic Cadastre Works Process

Elemer Emanuel ŞUBA, Tudor SĂLĂGEAN, Dumitru ONOSE, Ioana Delia POP, Florica MATEI, Mircea ORTELECAN, Iulia COROIAN, Silvia CHIOREAN


The main objective of this paper is to correlate the current cartographic database with the old one, in the systematic cadastral works. Implementing a GIS and a geodatabase containing the cartographic database is necessary for identifying the buildings in the systematic cadastral works. In order to obtain the actual mapping
database, a Phantom 4 PRO drone was used, with a 20 mp resolution camera. For determining the ground reference points there were used two South S82V GPS receivers with double frequency L1, L2, in base-rover radio mode. The existing cartographic database has been taken over from the Cadastre and Land Registration Office and integrated
into the newly created geodatabase. With a unique GIS database, the process of identifying new buildings with old land data is done in a fast and efficient way. The accuracy of the new cartographic database provides greater security identifications, which can be affected even in the office, especially for those owners who have not submitted
the stage of identifying the land. The exploitation of UAV photogrammetric measurements come in support of specialists carrying out systematic cadastre works, especially in the context of the low price per building imposed by the National Agency of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising.


geodatabase; GIS; systematic cadastre

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