Effects of Fertilization on Growth of Zinnia elegans L. Seedlings Grown in Floating System

Anastasia AKOUMIANAKI IOANNIDOU, Roxani Paraskevi SPENTZA, Ioannis ROUSSIS, Dimitrios BILALIS


The floating system is a promising alternative type of hydroponic seedling production system, which has not been much studied and disseminated in the flower industry. This study aimed to produce seedlings of Zinnia elegans in a floating system and to evaluate the influence of two organic (Codaphos & Codasting and Fish-Fert) and one inorganic nutrient solution formulations on the seedling growth parameters. Z. elegans seeds germinated at a high rate (76.6-82.1%) in all fertilization treatments with a T50 ranging from 9.54 to 10.50 days. Application of Codaphos and Codasting (organic fertilizer containing N- Codasting and P+K- Codaphos) in floating system resulted in better development of the aboveground parts and roots of seedlings comparing with the other organic and the inorganic fertilization. As a conclusion, the present study showed that organic fertilization, especially with Codaphos and Codasting, could successfully be used for the production of Z. elegans seedlings in a floating system; however, further studies must be carried out on this aspect.


Floating system; organic fertilization; seedling production; Zinnia elegans

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:2018.0029

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