Biometric Indicators and Yield of Tomato under Conventional and Unconventional Biostimulators

Cătălina PEREŞ, Ana CAZACU, Iuliana MOTRESCU, Neculai MUNTEANU, Carmen INCULEŢ, Vasile STOLERU


The research consisted of an experiment applying unconventional stimulators to tomato crop, as a measure against chemical stimulators, known as having negative effects on human health. In our research there have been used four unconventional stimulators (Ecostim, AuCl4-50μg, AuCl4-30μg and Chitosan) and a conventional stimulator BNOA, all compared with the untreated control.
Application of stimulators in unconventional farming determined lower productions compared to conventional farming, but is an alternative because determined healthy products. In three of the four unconventional variants, the content of macro- and microelements in plants was higher.


Lycopersicon esculentum; macro- and microelements; production; stimulator

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