Current Situation of GNSS Networks in Romania

Alexandru Iulian ILIESCU, Tiberiu RUS, Valentin DANCIU, Constantin MOLDOVEANU, Andrei ILIE


Nowadays, the need for a more precise positioning is a very high, therefore very demanding one, and this is one of the reasons why very large research funding is allocated in satellite technology, the second reason being global geopolitics situation. New satellite constellations are being developed existing satellites that have completed their mission are being replaced with satellites that incorporate technology far superior to their predecessors. Currently we have four constellations with global coverage, NAVSTAR-GPS and Glonass, Galileo and Compass. With the development of these global satellite systems, it is also necessary to develop the user segment, so this requires terrestrial reference stations to be updated to recognize the new signals from them. The article presents the situation of the global satellite systems and the situation of the permanent reference networks in Romania, which are developed by state or private companies.


permanent stations; RTK; satellite constellations.

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