Using the Laser Scanning Technology in the Evaluation of a Building Located on Ion Neculce Street from Cluj-Napoca

Mircea Emil NAP, Tudor SĂLĂGEAN, Petre Iuliu DRAGOMIR, Elemer Emanuel ȘUBA


Laser scanning describes a method by which a surface is sampled or scanned using laser technology. The science of valuation has become more and more sophisticated as the development of society in general and of the economy in particular, in order to meet, eventually, complex information needs. The main idea of this project is to carry out scanning works in the framework of the evaluation report of a property. For this project, The Leica Scanstation C10 laser scanner was used and the following methods were applied for the scan operation: Backward Intersection Method, Deletion Method. For the valuation we used Market approach and Cost approach. The use of the laser scanner led to the expected results, namely the retrieval of an enormous volume of information collected from the field, of extremely high accuracy which subsequently helped to model a large number of details necessary to improve the evaluation process.


appraisal; laser scanner; market value.

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