The Impact of Airbnb Platforms on the Romanian Real Estate Market

Daniela RĂBOJ


Airbnb or other similar platforms have evolved greatly in recent years and managed to change the perception of accommodation, in the same manner as Uber has changed the perception of public transport. Renting for tourism purposes, through Airbnb type platforms, has a direct impact on investors, state institutions, real estate markets and so on. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effect of Airbnb type platforms on the Romanian real estate market and to describe the difficulties encountered in evaluating the properties that produce hotel rental income. These analyzes are intended in order to highlight an empirical perspective on this trend. The study consisted of a thorough online research, that took also into consideration legislation in force. In this paper I have presented a series of assessments of the impact on the market value of residential properties in Romania, which the properties listed for rent on Airbnb, seem to have.


Airbnb; home-sharing; real estate; valuation.

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