New Genotypes of Leaf Mustard (Brassica juncea), Bred and Acclimatized at Vegetable Research and Development Station Buzau

Costel VÎNĂTORU, Bianca MUȘAT, Camelia BRATU, Adrian PETICILĂ


Since 1996, Brassica juncea has been studied in the Breeding Laboratory of Vegetable Research and Development Station Buzau. The aim of this study was to obtain genotypes with distinct phenotypic expressivity, suitable to be grown in protected spaces and field, adapted to the pedoclimatic conditions of our country. The genetic potential of the germplasm collection was evaluated and the seven obtained families were measured biometrically and phenologically. G1 has been registered since 2017 at The State Institute for Testing and Registration of Varieties Bucharest for approval under the temporary name ‘Aroma’.


‘Aroma’; genotype; phenotype; spicy.

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