Characterization of Ornamental Malus Genotypes and the Study of Their Pollen Characteristics

Emilia MOISESCU, Cosmin Alexandru MIHAI, Ana Cornelia BUTCARU, Vlad POPA, Florin STĂNICĂ


Decorative apple species are used in different fields: breeding, landscape architecture, feeding of the birds during winter, etc. This paper presents the physicohemical characteristics of some ornamental apple genotypes grown and developed in the Northern area of Bucharest and the degree of pollen germination, according with area’s climatic conditions. The results show that some fruits have a high total soluble content, up to 26.98% and dry matter up to 33.18%, these ornamental apple genotypes can be recommended to be used in breeding to obtain new types of fruits for human consumption that have certain characteristics. The maximum percentage of pollen germination was 54.90% for the studied period, when during the efflorescence and blooming period massive rainfall occurred, but important for further research.


breeding; dry matter; pollen germination; ornamental apple; total soluble solids.

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