Asperula L. Species Preserved in ‘Alexandru Beldie’ Herbarium

Ioana Maria PLESCA, Tatiana BLAGA, Lucian DINCĂ


This paper provides a quantitative and general description of the main representatives of the genus Asperula L. present in the ‘Alexandru Beldie’ Herbarium. Currently, Asperula genus comprises 25 different taxa (18 with a status of species and 7 as intraspecific units), harvested mainly from the Romanian forests. The majority of plants are kept in very good conservation conditions (first and second conservation degrees). Two of the species (Asperula rumelica Boiss and A. graveolens subsp. graveolens) present in the Herbarium should be given high conservation priority since they are of national conservation concern, being included on the ‘Red List of Superior Plants from Romania’. The Asperula genus is widespread across the country and is mostly associated with mesobasic and eubasic forest soils, representatives of this genus having the value of indicator species.


Asperula L.; conservation; herbarium; indicator species; voucher.

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