The Influence of Certain Types of Substrate and Biochemical Substances in Seed Germination and Plant Development of Spruce (Picea abies)

Alina M. TRUȚA, Oana VIMAN, Veronica Diana DOHOTAR, Steluta SÎNGEORZAN, Petru TRUŢA, Liviu HOLONEC


In order to analyse seeds germination and seedlings growth of spruce (Picea abies) there were used five treatments with bio and chemical substances for stimulation germination: H2O, Atonik, Cropmax, CuSO4, KMnO4 and five treatments with different substrates: Jiffy pots, peat + conifer humus, peat + conifer humus + perlite, peat + conifer humus + sand, peat + conifer humus + perlite + sand. Of all germination stimulants, the highest percentage of seeds germination was obtained when the seeds have been immersed in aqueous solution with Atonik. From among substrates, the highest percent of germination was obtained using peat + humus + perlite + sand, following by peat + conifer humus + perlite and Jiffy pots. The substrate containing peat and humus of coniferous can not be recommended as a properly germination substrate for spruce seeds. Results showed that using chemical substances for germination, the germination was comprised between 56.7-73.3%. Seeds treated with KMnO4 had the lowest germination, and those treated with Atonik (0.75 ml active substance in one liter tap water) presented the highest germination percentage. The best growth of seedlings was assured by peat + conifer humus + perlite substrate.


recoverable containers; seeds; spruce; substratum; substances.

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