Mulch and Cultivars Influence on Strawberries Growth and Yield in Open Field Conditions

Maria Maruni CODREA, Viorel MITRE, Andreea ANDRECAN


The research subject of this paper was conducted in Satu Mare County, Romania, where three strawberry cultivars have been studied, namely ‘Alba’, ‘Viktoriana’ and ‘Camarosa’, on two different types of mulch (black mulch and straw mulch). Observations, measurements, and determinations have been made regarding the growing vigor of the bushes, productivity and fruit quality. The productivity analysis favored the ‘Camarosa’ cultivar as highly productive, which is why this cultivar can be proposed for use in plantations. The different mulch types have significantly influenced the weight of the fruit quality, the highest weight being obtained on the black foil substrate. As for the fruit quality, the ‘Camarosa’ cultivar, which is very valuable from the qualitative point of view, obtained the highest average value of the sugar content measurements, precisely (8.7°Brix).


black mulch; cultivars; strawberry; straw mulch; sugar.

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