Pruning Level and Maceration-Fermentation Length Influence on Phenolic Composition of Cabernet Sauvignon in Tarnave Vineyard

Maria ILIESCU, Anca BABEŞ, Anamaria CĂLUGĂR, Elena Andreea POP


Technological strategies on vines and winemaking conditions influenced the phenolic composition of wine. Cabernet Sauvignon vines were pruned at 20, 28 and 36 buds/vine. Grapes from each pruning variant were micro-vinified and macerated for 8 and 16 days. Gallic acid, trans-resveratrol, peonidin-3-monoglycoside and malvidin-3-acetyl glycoside were most significantly influenced by pruning level, maceration-fermentation period and interaction between these factors.


bud loading levels; maceration and fermentation; wine polyphenols.

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