Comparative Evaluation of Eurytoma schreineri Schr. Attack Frequency on Transgenic and Two Conventional Plum Varieties

Luminita Antonela ZAGRAI, Ioan ZAGRAI


The plum seed wasp (Eurytoma schreineri Schr.) is a polyphagous pest that can cause significant damages to the plum crop. A transgenic plum variety, resistant to Plum pox virus, was evaluated to the attack frequency of E. schreineri in the context of reduced number of insecticide treatments against aphids, in comparison with two conventional plum varieties. The most affected variety by plum seed wasp, for two consecutive years, was ‘Stanley’, followed by ‘Reine Claude d’Althan’, and then ‘HoneySweet’ transgenic plum. The differences between variants were statistically assured.


Eurytoma schreineri; plum seed damage; transgenic plum.

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