The Analysis of Performances and Computational System in the Management of Agricultural Holding

Marioara ILEA, Diana DUMITRAS, Ileana ANDREICA


The analysis and measurement of performances which are the object of management sciences require more and more scientific rigour from these sciences. In enterprise management, the managers are using different informational instruments that guide the decision taking process. The same degree of importance is given to the processes that enable the processing of information which have as a primary goal the efficiency of the informational flux. One of the informational sources for the managers is the economical and financial analysis. The primary goal of the economical and financial analysis is to give a general appreciation upon the economical and financial state of a certain enterprise. Applying the methods of the economical and financial analysis is highly backend by the applications of informational systems. The purpose of the present paper is to present a system which would enable the interconnection of economical and financial analysis models with the ones of the computational systems.


the management, the financial and economical analysis, the computational system

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