Land use and the State of the Natural Environment: a Case Study of Local Governance in Bihor – Hajdú-Bihar Euroregion

Gabriela POPOVICIU, Andra LAZAR, Aurora MANCIA


Land use has generally been considered a local environmental issue, but it is becoming a force of global importance. And, perhaps this is the reason for achieving conservation of land which became very difficult. Property and property owners are impacted, and a broad array of stakeholders must accept the goals of conservation programs. Optimal national progress in conservation will only come about through initiatives implemented effectively and efficiently (Gordon, 1997). According with its and, in the same time, with the existing gaps in the European decisions about environmental protection, this paper wants to be a scientific-theoretical analysis of environmental factors quality and environmental legislation in terms of developing of a personalized strategy of land using, according to the place typology, its environmental impact and not least, according to the practices which are usually used in agriculture at the region level which was taken into study. Thus, in addition with policy-makers and socio-economics factors involved in development of these relationships, a key role plays the state of the environment from the local and regional level (Popoviciu, 2007).


land use strategy, neighbouring relations, policy-makers.

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