The Improvement of Floral Assortment with Ardisia Genus and the Development of Multiplication Technology by Cuttings

Erzsebet BUTA, Maria CANTOR, Mihai BUTA


Ardisia genus includes 250 small trees, shrubs and subshrubs distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It used and sold in the horticulture industry as an ornamental plant – often called Christmas berry or Coral Berry, Marlberry. It is native to China, Japan and northern India, take part of the family Myrsinaceae. 65 species are in China including 14 native species in Hong Kong. Ardisia beginning cultivation in 1982, spreading into wooded areas. Currently Ardisia is found in many counties used in the landscape or indoor design for its persistent red berries, glossy foliage and low maintenance. The study involves Ardisia species A. crenata Sims. and A. pusilla A. DC. , are two species cultivated in South Korea and were brought in our country during an exchange of biological material between RDA Suwon - Korea and University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj in a frame of bilateral agreement. The multiplication of these species were made by cuttings and during the experience was studied the influence of rooting substrate on root system formation. Some soil mixtures were tested: I. perlite + peat + garden soil, with a ratio of 3:1:1, II. peat + sand + mature manure 2:1:1, III. peat + perlite 1:1, IV. perlite (control of experience). The best results for Ardisia crenata were obtained in mixture of peat + perlite + garden soil in 3:1:1 ratio, rooting occurred in 37 days. The process of rooting of Ardisia pusilla was finished in 58 days, and the best result was obtained in the mixture consist in of peat + sand + mature manure 2:1:1 ratio.

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