Evaluation of Promising Hybrids of Gladiolus hybridus L.

Maria CANTOR, Erzsebet BUTA, Rodica POP


The genus Gladiolus contains more 255 species which grow in western and central Europe, western Asia, and in tropical and southern Africa. The main distribution area is South Africa. Most gladiolus cultivated worldwide as well as Romania has imported from the Netherlands, and only a few are created in our country. The present investigations were carried out in the experiment field of USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Floriculture Department, during of 2007-2011. In order to obtaining new cultivars were performed intraspecific crosses, involving 20 hybrid combinations between valuable genitors, followed by clonal selection of F1 hybrids. The present paper contains experimental results obtained by testing to two gladiolus hybrids F1 generations (H 8/11 and H 19/3). The morphological characteristics were evaluated and were sent for testing at ISTIS Bucharest for homologate as new cultivars.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:6871

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