Aspects Regarding the Production of Planting Material at Some Ornamental Species from Spontaneous Flora

Lucia DRAGHIA, Elena Liliana CHELARIU, Alina ZAHARIA


The paper presents data regarding the possibility of generative multiplication of some ornamental species provided from the Dobrogea spontaneous flora (Allium flavum L., Dianthus nardiformis L., Silene compacta L., Teucrium polium L. and Alyssum murale L.). Seeds were gathered in 2010 from the plants in their own natural habitat and establishment of crops was made with seedling produced in glasshouse: transplanting and without transplanting. Germination varied between 16-76%, maximum values being recorded at Alyssum murale, and the minimum ones at Teucrium polium. Subsequent determinations and observations done on obtained biologic material and on the established crops with it lead to the conclusion that great majority of the species could be used as transplanting seedling and also as seedling without transplanting, function of the growers possibilities and the usage way of plants. Exceptions were species Dianthus nardiformis, at which is not recommended the transplanting of the seedling (due to the sensibility of root system) and species Silene compacta at which, on contrary, is preferred the variant of transplanting the seedling, having in view the small size of the seeds.

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