Design Solutions for Redecorating Part of the U.S.A.M.V. Cluj-Napoca University Campus, Using the French Landscaping Techniques



The landscaping in institutes of higher education have different connotations then regular green spaces. The U.S.A.M.V. University Campus owns round 46.900 square meters of terrain, which includes orchards, vineyards, experimental plantations, greenhouses, but also leisure spots. One of the most important areas is the front area of the Rector building, a highly circulated one, which currently is occupied by only three ornamental species, with no color or shape variety. Considering the serious and sober nature of the nearby building, it is recommended a more specific, clear type of landscape, such as the French gardening design. This particular project is part of a bigger one, which covers different 4 more areas of the Campus, and uses various types of landscaping, from the French gardens to the Japanese ones, for aesthetic reasons, but most importantly, for educative motifs, as they offer live examples of historical gardens for the students. Therefore, a French garden design proposal will be applied to the mentioned area, with details about plants, decoration ways, urban furniture and maintenance.

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