The Effect Ninhydrin Adduct with Dibuthyltin Chloride C6H4(CO)2CO.SnBu2Cl2 on the Biochemical Composition and Growth of Chrysanthemum in Vitro

Eugenia HARSAN, Luminiţa SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU, Carmen SOCACIU, Lenuţa Mirela CHIŞ, Alpar Peter SOMSAI


This study focuses on the effects of apllying ninhydrin adduct with dibuthyltin chloride C6H4(CO)2CO.SnBu2Cl2 on the biochemical composition and growth of chrysanthemum microcutting in vitro. The effects adduct of the dibuthyltin chloride with ninhydrin and the effects of ninhydrin on the untreated control were compared. The effect was observed by biochemical analysis: amount of dry substance, total chlorophyll, total carotenoids, and total proteins. The presence of the chemical compounds the ninhydrin adduct with dibuthyltin chloride and the ninhydrin induces the accumulation of dry substance. Photosynthesis processes are affected, the amount of chlorophyll and carotenoids are both diminished for the treated plants in comparison to the control (between 30 and 60% lower). The ninhydrin adduct with dibuthyltin chloride increases the amount of protein. The effects of the compound over the rhizogenesis are quite interesting. While the ninhydrin acts as a stimulator, the ninhydrin adduct with dibuthyltin chloride acts as an inhibitor. The number of produced green shoots is strongly increased by the ninhydrin adduct with dibuthyltin chloride.

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