Researches Concerning the Behavior of some Chrysanthemum Cultivars as Cut Flowers in Nutritive Solutions

Vasile LAZAR, Maria CANTOR, Rodica SIMA, Tincuţa GOCAN, Gabriel RAD


The researches were carried out at UASVM Cluj-Napoca, Horticulture Faculty, Department of Horticultural Products Technology, during 2011 year. The experiment consists in the observation of the behavior of seven Dutch chrysanthemum cultivars (Chrysanthemum sp.) for preservation in different nutritive solutions. The results obtained show that the main factor, which influenced the term of cut chrysanthemum preservation in vase, was the cultivar and the best results from this point of view regard the spider and pompon type, characteristics which have a positive deviations, statistical assured. The preservative solutions recommended by commerce had a positive influences on all morphological decorative characteristics evaluated in this study. Chrysal solution was remarked and can be use for prolonged the vase life of Chrysanthemum flowers.

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