Round-About by Caşin Church

Alexandru LAZĂR-BÂRA


The presentation concludes a work that has determined an urban landscaping element to be carried out – the Caşin Round-About in Bucharest. The grounding of the landscaping work, its strategy, concept, proposal and implementation are followed as these depict the raw material of the study. The intervention particularities were the setup speed and the public impact of the work. This involved special horticultural approaches to respond design development need for flexibility, and work site image. The integrated outcome of the landscaping work was discussed by their horticultural, urban, economic, environmental, social, cultural, sensorial and political parameters. The field experience and its results are analysed in terms of horticultural and sustainability issues, leading to conclusions of technical, administrative and legal impact, meant to decrease the unpredictability involved in the planning and set-up stages.

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