Studies Analyzing the Number of Elements in the Composition of Inflorescence and Seed Quality Parameters in the Species of Angelica archangelica L.

Mihai Radu POP, Blanca GRAMA, Camelia SAND, Dana BOBIŢ, Gligor CIORTEA, Horea BARBU, Robert BLAJ, Ioan PAŞCĂNUŢ, Leon MUNTEAN, Mircea SAVATTI


The multiple usages of Angelica archangelica L. species are given by its medicinal properties due to high content of essential oils and also, aromatization capacity which makes it useful in the food industry to flavor their various additives or alcoholic beverages, its habitus is highly appreciated for its ornamental value. The major problem of this species is that the number of individuals from spontaneous flora decrease dramatically in the past 40 years, being included on the red list of protected species. Thus, we consider important at this stage any study action to improve the conservation methods in situ and ex situ and to enrichment the collection of genetic resources in order to broaden them. For these reasons this paper presents analysis of the principal components of the inflorescence, in order to select some high performing genotypes, either in terms of decor can be encouraged to spread their green spaces, whether in terms of seed production to increase cultivated areas.

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