Research Concerning the Production of Planting Material Using Generative Propagation on Albizzia julibrissin Durazz

Daniela Sabina POŞTA, Cornelia HERNEA


The purpose of this research is to highlight the variation of whole-plant growth characteristics such as height, root collar diameter, number of leaflets and leaf area for Albizzia julibrissin, using different mixtures of soil. Four experimental trials have been installed. The trails had the following variants: V1: 60% manure + 20% sandy + 20% ground leaves, V2: 40% manure + 40% sandy + 20% ground leaves, V3: 50% manure + 30% soil + 20% ground leaves, V4: 30% manure + 50% soil + 20% ground leaves. The biological material consists of Albizzia julibrissin seedlings which were obtained by generative propagation and prepared by moisturizing, hot water treatment, stratification and scarification. Biometric observations of seedling were made at 69 days, 123 days and 154 days for each trial. The results indicate the high position of seedlings grown in rooting media composed by 30% manure + 50% sand + 20% ground leaves. It is about „height” and „root collar diameter”, characters with a strong differentiation especially in the third period of growth in trial V4 (30% manure + 50% soil + 20% ground leaves). It was also observed the lowest value for the analysed growth characteristics on experimental trial V3 (30%manure + 50% sandy + 20% ground leaves).

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