Studies upon a Selection of Cauliflower Hybrids Grown in Polyethylene Film Greenhouse

Alexandru Ioan APAHIDEAN, Dănuţ Nicolae MĂNIUŢIU


Cauliflower get it’s name from Latin caulis (cabbage) and flower, an acknowledgment of its unusual place among a family of food plants, Brassica oleracea, which normally produces only leafy greens for eating. Cauliflower is well known in Romania, being the second most popular culture from cabbage family (after cabbage of course). In this paper work are presented aspects regarding the response of ten cauliflower hybrids (Diadom, Stargate, Opal, Igloo, Snowball, Idol, Cool, Master, Divita, Witki), growed in protected culture in Cluj area conditions. The research took place in spring in a polyethylene film tunnel. The research tried to establish which hybrid is better in these conditions.

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