The Influence of some Technological Factors upon the Yield of Cucumbers, Cultivated in Polyethylene Tunnels in Ecological System

Alexandru Silviu APAHIDEAN, Mariana BEI, Mihai CĂRBURAR, Maria APAHIDEAN, Alexandru Ioan APAHIDEAN, Eniko LACZI


Lately can be observed that the organic agricultural system is more and more developed not only in our country, but all over the world, having a continuous ascending, in parallel with the formation of a specific market. In some countries, this organic (biological or ecological) agricultural system, had known a considerable growth of more than 20% in only one year (in USA, France and Japan). From farmers point of view the organic production represents a better way of capitalization, while the vegetables obtained using this system are more and more consumed raw or slightly processed, and have a high attraction for a specific segment of consumers which is becoming more and more consolidated. The experimental factors of this research were: the planting density (64.4 thousand plants/ha, 44.4 thousand plants/ha and 33.3 thousand plants/ha) and the hybrid (Szatmar, Crispina, Pasalimo and Mirabelle). The research was conducted in the west part of our country, respectively in Husasău de Tinca locality, during 2007-2009.

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