Researches Concerning the Use of Zeolites in the Culture Substrate of Tomatoes in Greenhouse Solarium Type

Viorel BERAR, Gheorghe POŞTA, Florin SALA, Isidora RADULOV, Ioan LUNGU, Alexandru LAZĂR


Obtaining good quality substrates is done by mixing some more organic and inorganic components, of which the most used, are: manure, garden soil, black or red peat and sand. Because of the biological vegetable culture concept, the comparative analyze, from the technological and economical point of view, of the substrate mixture components impact upon tomato plants’ growth and development by using different organic and inorganic (volcanic tuffs) components with a high role in correcting and improving their physical-chemical features, it is imposed. By comparing the different culture substrate variants, very significant positive differences of production were obtained in variant a3 (50% manure, 10% garden soil, 10% peat, 5% sand and 25% zeolite). In absolute values the average productions per fruiting clusters varied between 0.579 kg (b7) and 1.035 kg (b4).

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