Effect of Salinity in LER Values under Two Crop Systems and two Kind Intercrops

Dimitrios BILALIS, Dimitrios SAVVAS, Charis Konstantina KONTOPOULOU, Konstantinos PADALEON


In order to study the effect of salinity on the LER (Land Equivalent Ratio) median values of intercropping and solo-cropping cultivation, an experiment was set up at West Greece. The experiment was composed by two factors. The first and the main one was the crop system (organic, conventional) and the second one was the salinity (low/high level). The salinity occurred negatively in the corn-bean intercropping system as well as in the corn-cowpea intercropping system. Higher dry matter values were observed in the conventional system as well as in the low salinity level. As concerning the crop system the highest LER values were observed in the conventional system rather than the organic one. It is worth mentioning that the highest LER value was observed in the corn-cowpea system rather than in the corn-bean system. It must, also, be mentioned that high salinity level affected the bean crops much more than the cowpea crop in both solo and intercrop systems.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:6934

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