The Influence of Planting Period and Seedling Age upon the Plants Development and Yield of Chinese Cabbage (Brassica campestris var. pekinensis Lour., Olson) in Autumn Cultures from Polyethylene Tunnels in Transylvanian Tableland Specific Conditions

Enikő LACZI, Alexandru Silviu APAHIDEAN, Jolán VARGA, Alexandru Ioan APAHIDEAN


Chinese cabbage is a less known vegetable, not only in Transylvania, but all over our country, although it appears more and more often in the markets. In the present research, which took place in 2010 from September to December, the behavior of Chinese cabbage in Transylvanian area specific conditions was studied, in order to establish optimal planting period in autumn cultures. The experiment was realized in polyethylene tunnel and one of the objectives was to obtain a high yield of good quality.

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