The Influence of Substrate and Fertilization Method on Eggplants Cultivated in Polyethylene Greenhouse

Dănuţ Nicolae MĂNIUŢIU, Rodica SIMA, Diana FICIOR


In the experiment carried out in a greenhouse in 2010 at University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the influence of substrate and fertilization method on yield of eggplants was investigated. For the plants cultivated on reused organic substrate the yield difference was significant negative for both early and total yield comparative with variants with plants cultivated on new organic substrate. The fertilization method influenced only the early yield. Thus, the organically fertilized plants registered yield differences distinct significant negative in comparison with chemical fertilized ones. In the case of total yield, no significant differences between two methods of fertilization were recorded. Combination of factors has influenced both early and total yield, best results were obtained for variants cultivated on new organic substrate, indifferent to the fertilization method.

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