The Evaluation of Yield Potential and Quality of Fruits at Tomato Hybrids Cultivated in Greenhouse

Rodica SIMA, Dănuţ MĂNIUŢIU, Alexandru Silviu APAHIDEAN, Maria APAHIDEAN, Vasile LAZĂR, Nicuşor SIMA, Diana FICIOR


The selection of hybrids with good yield potential has great importance in greenhouse tomatoes culture in order to improve the economic efficiency of this crop. Consumer interest in the quality of vegetable products also increased in the last years. In this experiment six tomato hybrids for fresh consumption recommended for greenhouse culture were evaluated as yield potential and quality of fruits. The evaluation of tomato fruits quality included appearance, firmness and chemical composition. The highest early and total yields were obtained in Menhir F1, Shanon F1 and Monroe F1 and the best fruit quality in Monroe F1, Tolstoi F1 and Cronos F1.

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