A New Fungicide Based on Copper with Low Concentration and High Dispersion for Plum, Sweet Cherry and Sour Cherry

Ioana MITRE, Viorel MITRE, Adriana F. SESTRAS, Radu E. SESTRAS


Copper sulphate remains an important fungicide for combating major diseases in stone fruits species. Using of this fungicide repeatedly creates some problems such as accumulation of copper ions in the soil until it becomes toxic concentrations for plant and micro flora and micro fauna of the soil. This paper presents results of a study verifying the effectiveness of copper sulphate as fungal substance applied in doses of 18 to 25 times smaller than conventional commonly used substances such as Bordelaise mixture or Kocide 101WP. In this formulation, the cooper has high dispersion made by depositing it on a bioactive support. The bioactive support contains the following ions: Mg2+, PO43-, Ca2+, NH4+ which represent food source for the trees. In the same time, this formulation are both part of fungicide and foliar fertilizer. This Cooper formula proved to be very effective against the most important diseases of plum (Monilinia laxa, Xanthomonas pruni, Polistigma rubrum, Taphrina pruni) sweet cherry and sour cherry (Pseudomonas syringae van Hall, Coccomyces hiemalis Higg, Stigmina carpophila (Lev.) M.B. and Monilinia laxa (Aderh et Ruhl) Hon Ellis), the attack degree two or three time have been reduced. Cooper HD (high dispersion) can be administered together with a series of leaf fertilizers situation where it is absorbed by the surface of leaves it possesses an effect of longer duration. Lack of alkaline reaction makes it compatible with the majority of pesticides. The advantages it displays recommends this copper formula for the technologies of phyto-sanitary protection of the stone-fruits.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:6991

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