The Fertilization Influence on Growth of Apple Shoots



The investigations were made in the orchard of the firm ”Zubresti” S.A. established in spring 2003, the tree planting distances are 4 x 2 m. The trees are conducted by the fusiform crown. There have been studied the influence of Urea concentration on the growth of shoots in intensive period of growth in apple tree , at „Golden Delicious‟, „Florina‟ and „Idared‟ varieties grafted on the rootstock M26. We have used the Urea 46% N in concentration from 0.4% to 1.2% in different stages of development of apple fruit. At the end of period of growth of shoots, average length Idared variety in 2009 was at 33.00 cm in control variant up to 49.00 cm in variant 4 or 48% higher than the control variant. In 2010, the difference in length of shoots in „Idared‟ variety depending on the concentration of Urea 46 % used: in variant 2 was 12 % compared to the control and up to 39 percent in variant 4.

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