Variability of the Traits of Cones and Seeds in Different Larch Clones I. The Influence of the Provenance



Phenotypic variability of the cones and seeds was studied on seven larch clones that were obtained through grafting from plus trees, selected from natural and artificial populations from Romania. Also, correlations between several characteristics such as cones weight (g), cone length and width (cm), seed weight (mg), seed length and width (mm) were studied. A wide variation was observed for the weight of cones, ranged between 1.97-4.93 g, the average for all clones being 3.50 g. The coefficient of variability for cones weight oscillated, depending on the provenance, from 11.1% to 21.2%. Seeds weight varied between 54.4-74.4 mg, with a mean value of 61.9 mg. The weight of cones was positive correlated with all traits, except width of cones and seeds length. Weight of seeds was strong correlated with all traits, the biggest value of the coefficient of correlation being registered with the weight of cones (0.835). A very strong correlation (+0.939) was registered between the germination energy and germination capacity of seeds, but germination of seeds was negative linked with all traits of cones and seeds, not statistically correlated. The heritability in broad sense had high values, comprised between 0.943 (width of cones) and 0.993 (weight of cones). The results had illustrated that the peculiarities of the cones and seeds have a strong genetic determinism, influenced especially by the genotype and in a relatively small extent by the environment.

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