Influence of Different Factors on the Quality of Wine Grape Varieties in some Areas of Romania in 2010

Mihai Lucian LUNG, Nastasia POP, Florentina CIOBANU CIOBANU, Simona Laura LAZAR


Among the organic substances contained in the chemical composition of grape wine utmost importance for assessing the quality is given by the sugars and the organic acids. Sugar content in grapes is influenced by several factors, such as biological characteristics of varieties and growing environment. Among endogenous factors, the temperature influences most the grape sugar content, which is correlated positively or negatively with acidity. Thus the four varieties of wine under study, (Pinot noir, Fetească neagră, Fetească albă and Muscat Ottonel), grown in three areas, with very different environment conditions (Timişoara, Iaşi and Cluj-Napoca), were found positive correlations between the amount of carbohydrates accumulated, titratable acidity and temperature. The varieties have accumulated more carbohydrates in Timişoara (Pinot noir 240g / l) and the fewest in Cluj-N (Fetească albă 181 g / l). One can observe a negative relationship between sugar and acid content.

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