Degree of Association and Cooperation in Agriculture of Iasi and Vaslui Counties

Stejărel BREZULEANU, Carmen Olguţa BREZULEANU, George UNGUREANU, Ion Valeriu CIUREA


Concentration of production on farms of optimal size and diversification and
specialization of agricultural production are closely related to the development of relations of
association and cooperation along the technological production flow of agricultural raw materials, but
also to the processing and use of agricultural products. The forms of association are regulated by Law
no. 36/1991. The legislative framework presents different forms of association, from the simple, to the
establishment of agricultural companies. In Iasi County, in the private sector which is a majority, the
largest agricultural areas are owned by private companies, about 47%, the private agricultural
associations holding only 9.7%. The agriculture of Vaslui County has an agricultural potential of
401,015 hectares, 355,376 hectares in the private sector (88.6%) and 45,639 hectares in the state sector
(11.4%). As a means of organizing agriculture, in the county there are about 300 commercial farms,
producing for the market and having different organizational forms, such as companies, agricultural
companies, associations and individual freelancers. The area worked in farms (as a form of
organization) such as: companies, agricultural companies, associations and authorized individual
companies. Compared with 2009, in 2010 the associative forms in the private sector grew with 1612
ha. In 2009, the largest share of farmland is occupied by arable land (81% of total), followed by
pasture (13%), vineyards, orchards and meadows.

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