Economic efficiency of some tehnological measures for carrot (Daucus carota L.) culture

Tincuţa Marta GOCAN, Dănuţ N. MĂNIUŢIU, Ileana ANDREICA


The experience was conducted in 2010, in Garbau, Cluj County. This study aims to
analyze the economic efficiency in case of carrot culture experiments performed in different
technologies used for culture: two cultivars, two periods of sowing and two methods of fertilizing. In
study were used carrot varieties Nantes and Flakker. Indicators of economic efficiency (unit cost of
production, unit gross profit, profit rate, labor productivity, production costs on equivalent product)
were calculated for each variant separately. It was found that best results were obtained in variant
Flakker, sown in March and chemical fertilizer, where profit rate was 38.5% even if production costs
were the largest, and the lowest profit was recorded by variety Nantes, 20.5%, fertilized with organic
fertilizer and sown in May, due to low production quantity.

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