Research on the Major Trends in the Romanian Egg Market



The papers aimed to study the dynamics of the Romanian egg market in the period 1990-2009 in order to identify its specific trends. In the year 2009, egg production counted for 6,211 millionpieces of which 95.73 % hen eggs, by 25 % less than in 1990 because of the decline in poultry stockand average egg production. As a result, in 2009, only 289 eggs per capita were achieved compared to347 pieces in 1990. In consequence, the demand/offer ratio has been an unbalanced one and only 50 %of domestic production was able to cover market needs. The EU requirements concerning poultrywelfare (cage modernization etc), new growing methods friendly with the environment and food safetyhave led to a decline of the number of laying hens, to the closing of some poultry farms and to anincrease of production cost because of the new investments. In addition, cereal increased purchasingprice has deeply influenced farm input cost and egg price. In the future, egg producers have to paymore attention to production increase and diversification, egg quality, packaging, distribution and alsoto export possibilities in order to encourage the increase of profitability along the egg chain fromproducer to consumer.


consumption, egg, poultry live stock, production, trade

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