The Profile of the Producer of the Energy from Renewable Resources in the North- West Region, Romania

Simion SCRIDON, Emilian MERCE, Felix ARION, Sonia Sá‚NÄ‚, Calin VAC


The aim of this study regarding the usage of renewable resources in the North West region,Romania, starts from the premise that the production of energy from renewable resources is at thebeginning, the usage of these sources not being enough promoted or known. In this direction, in thispaper there was achieved a profile of the producer of energy from renewable resources, in North Westregion, Romania. The research was made using a questionnaire applied to all the producers of energyfrom renewable resources (11 registered producers), from the following counties: Cluj, Bihor, Salaj,Satu-Mare, Bistrita-Nasaud, Maramures. The results highlighted that most producers registered in theNorth West region use as unconventional source the wind source, followed by hydro energy. Only fewproducers use as renewable source the solar and biomass ones. A detailed analyze of the questionnairepointed out the fact that: the presence of the producers on the market is less than five years, theiractivity is highly influenced by the production costs, the number of the producers is relatively low, dueto the lack of government stimulants in the usage of projects that have as a goal the usage of thesetypes of resources. The results of the questionnaire underlined the interest in the domain ofenvironment protection this being one of the major aims in the renewable energy production.


market, costs, questionnaire, types of energy, promotion

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