Short Analysis of the Consumer Buying Behavior of Organic Food

Daniel CHICIUDEAN, Sabina FUNAR, Gabriela CHIRLA, Adriana MAN


Generally most of the people have realized the benefits of organic food and the directrelation between organic food, environment and their healthy and active life so they are more andmore interested about this market. The aim is to determine a consumer buying behavior of organicfood at a local level related to the international trends. A study has been conducted in Cluj Countyamong people with age above 18 years which were willing to answer the survey. Results indicate thatthe subjects interviewed are not spending a huge amount of money during one year for organic foodand the main category of organic food mostly consumed are: cereals / biscuits, fruit/vegetables, dairyproducts and sweets. Also the majority of the people from every category of age purchase organicfood once a month or more than once a month. Unlike the developed countries where people above 55years purchase these products frequently, in this case this segment of age is not well represented.


frequency of purchasing, survey, organic food, buying behavior, health.

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