Consumer Cooperative: Past, Present and Perspectives in Western Region

Ioana Anda MILIN, Ioan CRISAN, Ioan FRUJA, Iuliana Ioana MERCE, Sorin MILIN


Romanian Cooperation is, theoretically, able to contribute to the overall growth of nationeconomy, to ensure population with diverse goods and services, including some availability for export.It requires radical transformation of the current situation in which there is cooperative as a whole,upset in these years by poor management and inadequate application of economic policies. Romanianrealities that cooperatives is facing in recent years, liquidation, sale of assets, even bankruptcycooperatives and weak concern of organs and bodies to assist them to effectively and have had aprofound impact on economic and social on an important segment of the population of our country,especially in rural areas and not only. Economic and social revival scene of all forms of associative,and hence the consumer cooperatives can contribute effectively to reducing existing disparities thanother countries and can put this segment on course to achieve the current requirements imposed by theEuropean economy and contemporary world.


models, mutual character, partners, members, purchasing

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