Research on the Romanian Poultry Meat Market



The papers aimed to analyze the Romanian poultry meat market based on the statistical data regardingthe period 2000-2009 in order to identify the major trends. Poultry live stock reached 83,843 thousand heads in2009, being by 19.64 % higher than in 2000. Poultry meat has been the most dynamic sector of aviculture,registering 50 % gain compared to other meat sorts. Poultry meat contribution to total meat production has been33.91 % assuring 20 kg meat consumption/capita/year. The development of meat production and consumptionwas justified by broilers performance, 2 kg live weight in 33 fattening days, high food conversion rate, highprotein content, low cholesterol, acceptable price, high digestibility and flavor. Romania’s poultry meat exporthas increased 4.7 times while import declined by 18 % in the analyzed period. As a conclusion, broilers fatteningwill continue to be developed in the coming years in order to cover much better the demand/offer ratio in thedomestic market and the export opportunities will assure a more efficient trade.


consumption, meat, poultry, production, trade

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