The Importance of Market Flower Research Through Questionnaire

Carmen Maricica Steluța SAMOILÄ‚


Knowing the consumers preferences, producers can act to the selling areas bychoosing those types of products to distribute, in order to increase sales. There are many typesof data collecting with own advantages and disadvantages depending on research methods.The modern human beingï‚¢s needs are in constant change due to the large volume ofinformation received and processed, adapting his personal needs to new market challenges.Due to ongoing research through surveys, the current needs of consumers could be founded,having their very different views, resulting reorientation of producers from different areas anddifferent markets worldwide. Interpretation of results obtained via questionnaire is the essenceof market flower selection strategies, following to the segmentation of consumersï‚¢preferences.


questionnaire, consumer trends, current needs, market flower, segmented

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