Researches Regarding the Attack Produced by Cydia amplana Hb. in U.P. II Badacin Åžimleul Silvaniei Forestry Department

Ion OLTEAN, Nicolae FODORAN, Teodora FLORIAN, Mircea Ioan VARGA


During the years with low or abundant fructification in oak stands, acorns production is affectedby various lepidopterans species like: rusty oak moth Cydia amplana Hb. This species is widespread inEurope and in our country is encountered in oak forest in thinning stands or isolated trees. In one acorngrows one larva but it can be spotted together with larvae of Balaninus glandium Marsh., the damagebeing very high by destroying the fructification organs. The purpose of this research was the monitoringof Cydia amplana Hb. frequency attack in the 2011-2012 on acorn. Therefore in 2011 in Măgura cantonfrom all the acorns analyzed 3.6% of them were attacked by Cydia amplana In the Giurtelec canton of 763acorns analyzed, 35 were attacked by Cydia amplana Hb. (representing 4.6% of the total acorn analyzed).In Cehei canton from three monitoring points were analyzed 913 acorns. In 2012 in the Măgura cantonfrom all the acorns analyzed 41 were attacked by Cydia amplana Hb. In the Giurtelec canton 45 acornswere attacked by Cydia amplana (representing 5.9% of total acorns analyzed). In Cehei canton 91 of theacorns harvested were attacked by Cydia amplana Hb. (representing 10% of total acorn analyzed).


Cydia, moth, caterpillar, acorn, attack

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