Modelling a Logistic Problem by Creating an Origin-Destination Cost Matrix using GIS Technology

Ancuta Simona ROTAR, Ioana POP, Florica MATEI, Luiza ANDRONIE, Anamaria VATCA, Alina CIOBAN


This paper presents a logistics model delivery in Cluj County. In our analysis we considered fivelocations in the county and one found out how many of the total 16 stores are in the coverage of theabove mentioned warehouses. An origin-destination cost matrix was designed for the delivery of thegoods from the warehouse to all stores within a 35 minutes delivery time. Coverage was calculatedbased on driving time, direction of travel being from the warehouses, not towards them; U-turns are notpossible and one-way direction restrictions were observed. For the design of this logistic model, one hasused the extension of ArcGIS Network Analyst of ArcGIS software used in the spatial analysis on networktype structures.


costs matrix, ArcGIS Network Analyst, infrastructure, warehouses, stores

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