Use of Sawdust in the Composition of Plaster Mortars

Claudiu ACIU


After 1990, the management of large amounts of wood and sawdust waste has become a problem of majorimportance in Romania. This requires the diversification of their material and energetic use. In this context, theconstruction industry has wide perspectives for their material use. This study contributes to the existing range ofbuilding materials that use wood and sawdust waste. It presents a new modality for recycling sawdust in order to obtainan ecological plaster mortar. Five sawdust plaster mortar recipes and the methods for their preparation are presented.The research led to the determination of the optimal proportion for the manufacture of sawdust plaster mortar, as well asto the identification of problems raised by its manufacture. The technology for the production of sawdust mortar is nonpollutingand does not involve a high energy consumption.


sawdust, recycling, plaster, ecological mortar

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