Implementation and Effectiveness of Trade Promotion Marketing Techniques in On-Line Market Flowers by Developing the Concept of Label-Sheet

Valentin SINGUREANU, Maria CANTOR, Erzsebet BUTA


The paper makes an objective analysis of world flowers market viewed from the perspective of accreditedstatistical entities finding comprehensive solutions to promote and increase the volume of trade flowers based on the complex interplay marketing management. Another treated issue consists in promoting trade online flowers by implementing a new design concept "label-sheet" pivoting on inserting QR barcode. The new design concept facilitates access to the site of one of the largest producers of flower markets in Romania, SC Comgaby Moln SRL  ( Magnolia ) , by simply scanning the QR barcode with a mobile phone. The problem addressed is proving more difficult in presenting the cumulative properties of ornamental flowers with sanogenic proprieties, the beneficiary being informed about the characteristics of the product purchased from multiple points of views. To promote the new ornamental species were made leaflets containing a large volume of data on morphological aspects, requirements for environmental factors, culture technology and so on, thereby improving the marketing of traders to increase revenue the existence of an integrated information system, effective and efficient.


ornamental plants, sanogenic, barcode, flower market.

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